London, UK-based songwriter/producer Dr. Eleos started out by playing the drums and since the pandemic, he dug deeper into production and released his debut single “Slowly” featuring murloe on vocals. His latest effort is a 4 track EP release featuring the songs “Falling” and “Loneliness”.  The EP itself uses sounds to express closure, pain and regret.

The project starts off with “Everything From Me” which has an atmospheric vibe. The slow build-up and layered pads are quite soothing and the fusion of electronic elements with pop is undeniable. “Loneliness” is an atmospheric and ethereal piece that is as layered as a wedding cake. From the staggered drum grooves, airy vocal synths and sublime pads, Dr. Eleos crafts quite a sublime beat that is cinematic and dynamic. “Falling” has a sombre and melancholic aesthetic with its mellow and moody pads, sublime vocal hums and smooth drum grooves. The track is quite short but packs a punch. The project closes out with “Closure”, an aptly titled track that helps put the seal in place. The soundscape is melancholic, contemplative and nostalgic as well. The progression sure is engaging and it slowly rises into a crescendo filled with lush guitar plucks, bright synth plucks and cinematic pads.

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