An amazing drop by The Sureshot & IllVibe where they take you back to the HipHop basics, when the Creative Strong Lyrics and Great original beats made for an explosive  mix…that everyone used to vibe to, and mixtape to the death.

Illvibe is one of the most notable and respectable groups in underground hiphop and this is the best tracks to come out from the Collective over the Past 10 years….


“In the late 1990’s, DJs Statik, Panek, Phillee Blunt, and J-Boogie were DJing parties all over the city of Philadelphia and it’s surrounding areas’ college and hip-hop communities. While learning the business and building relationships with many up and coming artists of the city at the time, they began taking themselves more serious and in the year 2000, decided to form the DJ crew Illvibe Collective. The goal of the newly formed team was to share as much new, quality music as possible and preserve the classics for those who were appreciative of the culture. This objective led the crew to begin a series of mixed CD compilations spanning across many genres including hip-hop, funk, broken beat, house, and more. In the spirit of some of the mixtape legends of the past, Illvibe requested that some of their affiliates record special verses for their CD releases. Some of the artists Illvibe had the privilege of recording included Bahamadia, Grand Agent, Supastition, Percee P, Hezekiah, Dave Ghetto, and Maylay Sparks just to name a few. These freestyles and exclusive songs provided some of the best standout moments for the group’s mixtape collection throughout the years.”


For more on Illvibe go HERE


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