Forbidden Dialect – Wake Up

Forbidden Dialect – Doonie’s Shoes

Forbidden Dialect – Do What I Love

Received this dopeness thanks to the good brother Luis Gallardo.

Have been listening to it, and I can clearly tell that the whole crew from Forbidden Dialect, has poured a lot of love and hard work to this project. The album is full of quality produced tracks and dope lyrics to go with, very conscious and deep. A worth addition to any good hip-hop collection. Have a listen and if you like please support by buying the album, it’s worth it.


“The Forbidden Dialect is a Columbus, Georgia-based hip-hop collective composed of 6 artists from a diversity of backgrounds. Over 10 years ago the Dialect first impacted (or shall we say, created) the local hip-hop scene; becoming an influential act within backpacker, intellectual, b-boy, and even skater social circles. Each emcee holds his own, being a skilled lyricist in the most technical of ways. Their rich story telling, rhythmatic poetry, and urgent social commentary go hand and hand with refreshing and unique beats, influenced by bebop jazz, drum & bass, classic break beats, and Latin music. The Dialect’s sound is completed by occasional turntablism and invited live musicians, all with a deep respect for the creative and cultural of hip-hop music.”

If you’d like more info about Forbidden Dialect check the website over HERE

DOWNLOAD HERE Or Pls Support the Artists By Coping it on iTunes

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Forbidden Dialect: Twitter • MySpace • WebsiteLastFm


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