Doughpresh Da Don believes he is the living and breathing definition of what an emcee is and doesn’t want to be tagged as just a rapper. I can understand his philosophy and why he would be particular about this particular delineation. Anyways, this is a visual into his work, Until Next Time, and am I glad he didn’t bring that trap sound in the name of hip hop.

Doughphresh Da Don brings that visual grittiness and you can taste the street persona with the graveyard/ black & white clips coupled with backyard footage and the many goons of course. I guess this is why Doughphresh says he lives and breathes hip-hop culture and seeks to elevate his skill through disciplined training. Doughphresh Da Don means no dis-respect to those who represent Hip-Hop culture and it’s values to the fullest. But for those who use Hip-Hop as a means to get rich quick, and leave nothing of substance behind, Doughphresh Da Don says: “All disrespect intended”.

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