Last friday, LURE Nightclub hosted the 2013 Red Bull Thre3Style’s US National Finals, where the top six party rocking DJs from across the nation, squared off to be the number one contender to represent the United States in the upcoming World Finals in November. Once the competition was over, there was one DJ that walked away the winner. He is Chicago’s representative, DJ Trentino.

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The Captains Of The Industry: Stone Rokk (L) & Graham Funke

Hosted by the Captains Of The Industry, DJs Graham Funk &  Stone Rokk had the crowd on their feet with their inside jokes, while telling everyone to participate in the excitement by posting their comments on twitter using the hashtag #RB3STYLE. After each DJ’s set, they read the comments out loud; some of them were quite funny as most of them were punchlines towards either one of the hosts.

RB3SNatFinals (8 of 18)One of the DJs that decided to make some serious noise was Miami’s own, DJ Konflikt. He really had an awesome set, and at some point in it, he decided to call out DJ Trentino with ‘biter’ references. I guess there was something going around about Konflikt being a biter, and yet he called Trentino out by copying the 2012’s Thre3Style World Champion Four Color Zack‘s party rocking technique. He even held up Trentino’s shirt with the word PREDICTABLE written in black marker underneath the logo.

RB3SNatFinals (10 of 18)The wild card for the night was DJ A-Rock – who, like Konflikt, is from Florida (Orlando). He had a unique set which stood out the most from the other contenders. One thing that really caught my ears was his early interpretation of The Luniz‘s I Got 5 On It. It had everyone in the place floored! His entire set was full of dance tracks but the Turn Your Love Around blend is something to take note of.

Judges: DJs Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak, & Z-Trip
photo credit: Carlo Cruz and Rick Rodney/Red Bull Content Pool

After all the contestants finished their sets, the judges (DJs Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak, & Z-Trip) went to go cast their votes on who the winner was. In the meantime, Mark Ronson went on to spin for the crowd. At some point of the night, A-Trak came back out and traded places with Mark. In fact, they even shared a set together which hyped up the crowd! Once they finished their set, the judges came back and set their torch on DJ Trentino, who impressed the judges the most, with DJ Scene (Seattle) in second place, and DJ PHSH in third. The night was definitely one to be a part of, as the people continue to pack LURE for the entire session of the competition!

If you want to check out the DJs set of this night, you can listen to them on the Red Bull Thre3Style’s Mixcloud.

DJ Trentino: 2013 Red Bull Thre3style US Nationals Champion
photo credit: Carlo Cruz and Rick Rodney/Red Bull Content Pool

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