DiZ or DiZzzy as his close quatres call him, is the youngest member of the Illegal Advisory collective. He was born Zachary Wilson in San Francisco, California then moved to Boston, Massachusetts at a young age. His music is inspired by many types of music from indie, to Chief Keef, Earl Sweatshirt to underground legends like MF DOOM. His taste in music definitely adds to his unusual approach and sound in his music. DiZ spits his introspective lyrics as a form of catharsis and a way to relate with the listener.
On this song ‘When Love Calls My Name’, DiZ goes in deep to express how love comes at you. He goes to explain how this song manifested from conversations about this emotion that is very essential in the grand scheme of things.

“This song came to me after having a conversation with my friend about the importance of love. It’s mean to show that love is something that is essential to life, something we can’t let go of and can’t forget that we have.”

The song is also available on Apple Music, Soundcloud and Deezer giving you multiple streaming options. Also step to DiZ on Twitter to chat to him and get up close to the lifeblood of the music.

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