The Difference Machine is Atlanta’s DT on the mic and Dr. Conspiracy on the beats. Clocks is their latest release; an EP following their debut LP of last year, The Psychedelic Sounds Of The Difference Machine.

The Difference Machine Clocks EP ReviewLike The Psychedelic Sounds… before it, Clocks has a natural sound of diversity to it, beneath the heavy, fuzzy reverb and distortion synonymous with the psychedelic style. It’s evident that these two have a huge appetite for music that isn’t satiated by any one genre or country of origin alone. This culminates into something you’d imagine being blasted in the street-punk filled alleys of a culturally ambiguous megacity of the future. Albeit, by socio-politically astute street punks.

The Difference Machine goes for the socio-political jugular as ferociously as it does the audio-sensory matrix. The hazy aesthetic of the hallucinatory instrumentation is not entirely carried over into the rhymes, as DT is a lot more lucid and focused with what he is saying and how he is saying it than the production may incline you to expect. Oscillating between the flaws and potentials of entities from the state to the human brain, there is a lot to be found here for listeners who like that level of discourse from their rhymes. On the subject, DT is a lyricist’s lyricist in that his simile and metaphor deployment is often for poetic effect rather than to be flashy. However, with the production being as rich and progressive as it is, some may wish the EP came bundled with instrumentals to appreciate and interpret in their own way, unencumbered by weighty lyricism.  No that it doesn’t fit, these two cats are clearly on the same page and you leave this EP with the sense that there is some great music yet to come in the future.

Clocks is out now, and you can catch The Difference Machine live in Charlotte, NC tonight, and Atlanta, GA tomorrow.

Picture source and interview: Latest Disgrace

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