Straight out of Pacific Northwest Diction Uno caught our attention with his new headnodding track “Mucho” which sees him delivering dense lyrics over a boombap backdrop. Uno doesn’t leave any stone unturned and dives into a plethora of emotions and personal experiences ranging from what he calls escaping a toxic relationship to kicking a deadly cocaine addiction. He does this in his own unique and somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner while keeping the lyrical integrity high. Along for the ride is fellow emcee Robin Bannxx who comes through at the tail end with his unique laid back flow.

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Diction Uno – This is an emcee known throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond for his dense lyrics, technical flow, and concept albums. As well as his renowned freestyle prowess and years of high caliber live shows. He’s anchored Portland super crews and duos (The Gooniez, BigBang/Proper Knocks, a duo with Serge Severe) over the years with some of Portland’s most revered underground stalwarts. He’s collaborated with such legends as Killah Priest, Rob Sonic, Scarub, Coolnutz, and more. He’s also toured the Northwest and west coast extensively and opened for such noteworthy acts as Macklemore, Gift of Gab, Gavlyn, Locksmith, and more. While it’s clear his depth of topic and technique is heavily influenced by the 90s era greats in the era he started in as a youth, his music is timeless and continues to evolve and adapt to a modern feel that is as unique and vast as the topics it covers


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