Puar is from British Columbia in Canada and Producer as well. he beat ‘Trap Phones’ is a single off of Puar and Ryan Celsius’ beat tape “Turkish 2”. The tape was fully produced on the SP-404/SP-303 and Ableton Live. He often uses the SP-404 and other hardware to provide the warmth and depth to his beats that resonates with crate diggers and casual fans alike. He often shares this process with his fellow producers and his fans on his twitch stream every night. The producer describes the sound as:

“A smooth piano vibe with a good bit of energy and movement. A chill piano bump with a dynamic melody and a bit of a kick to it that doesn’t get old or fall to far in the background.”

Make sure to hit up Puar on his Twitter to get personal if he allows it and follow his process on Twitch.

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