A couple weeks ago we got our first visuals from the new video from producer Dexter of Melting Pot Music. Dexter’s new album The Trip has been a long time coming since his last excellent release Jazz Files. The German gold & platinum producer (Casper , Cro) has switched up styles on The Trip and has incorporated some 60’s psychedelic rock into hip hop.

The Trip is all about free love, LSD, hash and fuzz guitars and has already been noted by international producers as one of the most intuitive and free-thinking hip hop albums of 2013. This mix of different styles has been needed for a long time, and from what we’ve heard, Dexter kills it. He takes crate diggin’ to the other said of the spectrum with some classics we know and love.

Dexter’s first single off the album ‘You & I’ gives us a taste of the vibe we’ll be getting from the album. Trippy visuals and samples, a new evolution of hip hop. Stay tuned for more releases from Melting Pot Music exclusively here at The Word Is Bond.

I like nearly every album from the late 60’s. My whole musical spectrum has been shaped by this era. It was a time when everything was in progress – art, film, music,society and I wanted to bring this vibe across on this album. – Dexter

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