Our friends at Melting Pot Music released the video for the first single off Dexter’s upcoming album The Trip. ‘Pictures’ is the first single off the album and takes us on another soulful, visual ride with bright colors and trippy images. Following Dexter’s previous video release, You and I’, ‘Pictures’ is sample heavy with psychedelic rock influences and smooth vocals from vocalist Josa Peit. Josa also from Berlin, is best known as the voice of Nostalgica 77’s latest album.

The Trip is Dexter’s long awaited follow up album to his hi-hat club album Jazz Files. Once again Dexter’s shows his versatility as a producer with this free-thinking, LSD and fuzz guitar based album. Please support our friends Dexter and Melting Pot Music and pick up the 7′ single now. It’s limited to 500 copies and they won’t be around long.

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