Devy Quills‘s new single “Island” is a heartfelt and honest look at love, loneliness, and his own emotional flaws. Backed by a summer-tinged mellow backdrop, he gives an impassioned performance ripe with smooth melodic runs, evocative lyrics, and a nuanced take on finding the right intimacy that suits his needs. It’s quite candid and relatable from start to finish.

“Island” aside from its compositional merit as a hip-hop/R&B hybrid, exudes self-conscious introversion and longing for specific intimacy that will deeply resonate with audiences now more than ever. As it meshes pain and beauty in conceptual and perhaps literal ways, this record continues a unique tradition of Quills using his nuanced lyrical acumen to audibly depict and (in some ways) celebrate the deepest sensations that are the essence of our humanity.



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