Demi Day aims to energize the spirit on her new song titled “Be Like You”. Backed by a soothing, reflective backdrop, she shares a story of an individual who is going through hard times but with just the right amount of motivation, said individual could get out of the doldrums and accomplish their goals. Demi Day’s style is a blend of vintage hip-hop laced with inspirational elements stemming from her foray into the ministry. She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religion, a Master of Divinity, and Certificate of Ordination to Gospel Ministry and doesn’t shy away from fusing her divine beliefs into her lyricism.

After the release of her mixtape, “Motive” in 2018, Demi embarked on an online YouTube series called “DayStyles.” The raw gritty indie series is produced, written, performed, and edited by Demi herself. Its first season currently boasts over 30 episodes. In 2019, Day released her second single, “Time” featuring R&B recording artist, Neenah Shawn.

Be Like You” is taken from Demi Day’s debut EP PLANS.

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