A BANGING release from Manchester, England. Dayse and Aver, two parts of ‘The Natural Curriculum’ collective, put together this dope drop, full of hard rhymes and harder kicks. It’s kinda old, about 18 months or so, but worth sharing – and downloading. This ish is heavy.

The Natural Curriculum (TNC) are MCR’s freshest crew. Formed 2006 by rappers Bill Sykes, Chalk & Joey Average (Aver) the crew has expanded over the years to include beatbox Jamm (f.o. Folded Remediez), and rapper Dayse (f.o. Atrial Phoniks) and DJ’s Omas & Ink 13 (At Large). Previous line-ups feat’d DJ’s Woli Wols and Mathmatics.

A must see performance, the TNC MC’s run razor-sharp verbal interplays to an explosive backdrop of beatbox + turntable based space-funk, providing their own heavyweight brand of live hip hop.

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