David Daudin has just put the video to his super conscious song, ‘Black’. It is obvious that race relations in America has been sitting on a powder keg and the unfortunate George Floyd situation was the match that sparked the heavy outcry that has followed. This has more or less put a magnifying lens on the cultural relationships that exist in North America and the rest of the world especially with Black people as they try to manoeuvre everyday living. Of course, this has led to a lot of artists speaking their truth in whatever medium they know how to and this has definitely continued to push the conversation forward. David Daudin felt he needed to add to the conversation in his own way and he added this for context:


“With everything that is currently going on in America, I didn’t feel right dropping anything new before using my voice to speak on something as important as this.”


One of the things that will immediately jump out to you about this rapper is his style and flow et cadence. It would appear he may have gotten a few push backs as a result of this so he has put out a caveat as well probably to help every new listening ear adjust to his style of music:


“My name is David Daudin. I’m a hip hop artist based out of Orlando, Fl. I have a very organic style. I kept my real name, because I wanted to be 100% myself with my music. My voice is different, so my records have a uniqueness to them.”


Stream the song on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Soundcloud them talk to the man direct on Instagram and Twitter.

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