Houston emcee Danny Watts blesses us with this smooth, ethereal joint titled “Hideaway“. The lyricist’s detailed narrative takes center stage and is enough to keep the listener’s attention for the entire duration of the somewhat brief song. As cliche as it may sound, first impressions do matter and all that matters now is for y’all to check this cat right away.

Hit the play button and get with the program!!

Danny Watts, the 26yr old Houston,Tx emcee/poet is a thought provoking emcee that challenges the masses to further expand their mind through his lyrics. Along side his group, N3wThought, he pushes the ideals of positivity & love.

The first installment of Houston emcee Danny Watt’s “Finding Eunoia” series. The 26yr old releases “Hideaway,” a record that showcases his thought provoking lyrics over a smooth Ghost McGrady canvas. This lovely track also features the beautiful vocals of Brady Shanice (N3wThought group), toward the end of this canvas.
“Sometimes in life, we all fall down, trying not to be forgotten & run for the lives”


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