Damon Scott Miller Jr. and Zachary Light team up to deliver this impressive song to us. The origins and inspirations for the song are quite impressive and Damon describes the track best:

“I was in Harlem for New Years Eve 2019 and I went to this crazy party with my long time friends Jordan Dunbar & Zachary Light. We recorded a video on Zach’s camcorder, went back to studio and captured the moment in this song. The song is only 1 minute and 34 seconds long. It’s the perfect representation of how fast NYC moves. The flow is fast and snappy just as the east coast would have it. I am from Austin, Texas so anytime I go to the east coast I have to speed up a bit. It sharpens you up.”

Even though he is out here playing the game ‘Like A Sport’, still make sure to check out Damon Scott Miller Jr. on Instagram and keep tabs on him.

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