LA-based producer/songwriter/singer Petticoat taps into the past with his new single “Car Radio”. The self-produced track has elements of retro-funk, and pop with a modern twist that is both experimental and contemporary in terms of sound. Over the thick bass synths, lush textures and smooth drum grooves, he delivers a catchy and sublime performance ripe with alluring melodies and layered harmonies. Here, he talks about balancing sentimental feelings with the need for peace of mind in a toxic relationship. Lines like “I can’t just let you go/It’s a peace of mind if we get this right/My lips will know/It’s a peace of mind if we get this right” see him reflecting deeply on the situation and the approach he has taken.

“Car Radio” is Petticoat’s second single off his forthcoming EP, “Sedgwick”, slated for release in early 2024.



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