Dag Savage, the duo comprising of producer Exile and MC Johaz, release a 7″ record with this as the A side in preparation for their collaborative album. It is something seriously worth considering buying because this track is certified fresh, Exile bringing his best form and Johaz demonstrating his quiet reputation will be demolished before long. Two big features with Fashawn and Co$$ too. Really, really dope track, so download the mp3 and find where to cop dat vinyl, complete with the B side ‘Mic Jackson’, after the jump.

Representing Los Angeles and San Diego, Dag Savage is comprised of producer, Exile, and Johaz on mic duties. Exile, who has built a brand off of developing new talent like Blu and Fashawn, is back shedding light on Johaz, who is relatively new to the world, but no where new when it comes to his talents on the mic. Together, Dag Savage prepares for their upcoming collaborative album, starting with this limited edition 7″ single.

[viral-lock]Download: Soundcloud[/viral-lock]

Purchase vinyl: Fat Beats

(via FindMag)

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