Daecolm is a London based Zimbabwean who is slowly making his mark as an artist to be reckoned with. The singer/songwriter just released his new project ‘ FIGUR£$ ‘ and a visual for the single “Flashing Lights.” The track is a mellow R&B jam that displays Daecolm’s soulful melodies as he effortlessly rides the wave of the lush, alluring soundscape courtesy of UK producer EY (who has produced for the likes of Chris Brown, Meek Mill, Ella Mai, Drake and more). The accompanying video was directed by SLUSA TV and filmed in 3 key locations around popular sights in the city of LA and focuses on the adventures of Daecolm and his lady.

The 8 track body of work ‘ FIGUR£$ ‘ really captures Daecolm in his element as he is at home over the polished, genre-fusing soundscapes from EY and Amish Patel (aka ADP).  Daecolm breaks down the title which is a homograph having 3 different meanings; figures of women, figures of money and figuring things out. From the retro-tinged vibes of “Cadillac ’95,” atmospheric textures of “Loud” to the nostalgic-inducing guitars of “Three,” Daecolm gives us his own unique take on the R&B genre as he blends the old with the new and adds his own unique touch on the finished product.

Daecolm was born in Zimbabwe, a landlocked country in the south of Africa. When Daecolm was two years old, his parents moved to London. So, even at a strikingly young age, Daecolm was constantly exposed to a variety of musical genres.
“Growing up in an African home definitely turned me on to music,” remembers Daecolm. “My dad used to sing and produce, which is how I got my first taste. I’ve also been lucky enough to live in a lot of different places, like Africa, England and New Zealand. Plus, I’ve traveled a lot. I’m not bound to one culture. I’ve got lots of different cultures running through my veins, and I’m inspired by all of them.”

Get it on Spotify and Apple Music.


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