Up and coming emcee KNG makes his debut on TWIIB with his new Ep entitled ‘Pencil Shavings in the Ashtray 2.EP.’ The 5 track body of work explores KNG’s life and draws from his own personal experiences. Kicking off with the cinematic intro track titled “Farrakhan,” KNG draws a parallel between the public misconception of Minister Farrakhan and himself. Not necessarily saying they are the same but rather identifying some similarities and also detailing the challenges that come with being a black man. The following track “Dream Girl” is built on a classic soulful hum and dives into KNG’s blossoming love for a certain type of girl who caught his eye. “Eve’s Apple” has a more solemn vibe and focus more on the flaws in the dynamics that arise between men and women. “Citi Trends” raises the energy of the project and here we get to hear KNG’s come up story while remembering all the challenges he had to face.

The final track on the project is titled “I Been,” and its a nice way to close things up. The song has a broody, cinematic feel that fits KNG’s emotion-driven lyrics and melodic flow.


Born and raised in small, rural Brunswick, Georgia, KNG strived to be a man that his family and community could be proud of. His love of science at a young age pushed him to pursue a career in medicine, but somewhere along the way that love faded. Frustrated that he had not yet found his new path, depression began to overwhelm him. His sense of self was lost. Music was the path to self-discovery. It was always there as comfort through his trials and tribulations. He wrote raps to gather his thoughts, and relieve the stress and pain he was feeling. It was during this period of time he found his gift. After freestyling with friends from time to time, he began to take lyrics and songwriting seriously. He released his first project, Pencil Shavings in the Ashtray, in January 2018 and hasn’t looked back.

Get it on all DSPs here.

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