Philly’s D Prime 215 releases visuals for “Essence of Authentic”, produced by Mute Won with cuts and scratches by legendary DJ Soulbuck. His vision is brought to life by Rekkless Life Films and represents Philly in more ways than one.

“Authenticity is the crux of being, including but not limited to being an artist. Being true to who you are is everything. In my case as an artist, that means representing Integrity, flyness, lyricism, Philly & pro blackness.” – D Prime 215

It can be said that Prime’s representation of not only his Philly derived roots but also Hip Hop is authentically captured in each quick-witted lyric, and audiences who press play will experience that devotement.  Prime’s infectious and metaphoric wordplay swarms through the streets of Philly and around signature buildings and cornerstones. The aerial view adds a heightened sense of pride.  

Watch the official video for “Essence of Authentic” and connect with D Prime 215 below.

Connect with D Prime 215




“Essence of Authentic” credits

Song Produced by Mute Won:

DJ Cuts by DJ Soulbuck:

Thumbnail Graphic by Tom Hindmarsh:

Music Video by Rekkless Life Films:

Song lyrics:

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