Creative Mike The Rapper steps on to the scene at a point where the ever changing hip hop landscape is going through some sound overhaul. Boom Bap still exists in the game but 808s have become a mainstay as well. And now, there is a reinventing going on with the deficit of drums in the music. Venus is the litmus test that is used to convey this new sound in Hip Hop. Smooth, Soulful and well received so far seems to be the feedback from this so much respect to Creative Mike The Rapper and his crew for putting this together and attempting to push it to the fore. The nature of the sound is expressed in the video you see here, basically interpreted as a sound that takes you to a different dimension. Chel gave a poetic spice to the song and Stace Loyd should be commended for his production to the music. This is a Sunday afternoon drive type music.

The song can also available on Soundcloud so go get to streaming. Also hit up Creative Mike The Rapper socials: TwitterInstagram

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