This is some absolutely stunning stuff. I mean, I was just doing me on this rainy London Sunday morning when my mate sent this my way. An 11 minute long Star Wars/Hip-Hop mash up, yes cats have done this before, but this UK based producer/DJ known as Si Spex went mental with this experiment. He effortlessly merges prominent Star Wars samples such as “Cantina Band“, “The Land of the Sandpeople” , “The Last Battle” and of course “The Main Theme” with some heavy Hip-Hop drums, scratches and a little live instrumentation.

The visual is pretty much on the same lane, a myriad of clips from the Star Wars anthology, Downtown 81, an old George Lucas interview, That famous Eddie Hazzard Special and much more. You truly just have to watch the video to really understand what I’m trying to say here. This stuff is absolutely insane.

The man behind this beautiful madness is Cornwall based producer/DJ who goes by the name Si Spex.  I know little of the man besides the fact that he was a member of a production unit called “The Creators”(from his youtube page).

He also sometimes goes by the alter ego “Barry Beats“. Which is like that uber-cool uncle who can make dope beats- that is a freaking rarity. You can check out his own peculiar version of the famed Mass Appeal sponsored Rhythm Roulette shot in vintage VHS texture.

Get familiar with Si Spex aka Barry Beats.

Cantina keys by Jack williams
Cantina drums by J zone

Not so long ago in a recording studio within easy walking distance…
Si Spex (one half of 90s/00’s production unit ‘The Creators’) decided to embark on one of his most daring and ambitious projects to date. To take the Star Wars Universe and introduce it to the world of Hip-Hop! And here is the result. An 11 min long cut and paste tour de ‘Force’ that seamlessly lurches from one musical adventure to the next. ”


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