Emerging emcee  Corey Loveless comes through with his new single “Son” that dwells on fiery delivery and vivid lyrical arrangements. From the onset he sets the stage with lines like “Told me sky’s the limit but beyond is where I want

The backdrop used here has a driving and punchy feel that matches Loveless’s energetic performance and confident demeanor. He goes on to state his claim with a proclamation “Shit talk is quiet, didn’t want to say it out loud/Loveless gets more love, check the stats on Soundcloud.” Joining him on the track is fellow emcee Alonzo Brunn who wraps it up on the last verse with his own unique style and lines like “Upstate we coming up, and they lyrics be dumb as fuck/I’m shitting on you niggaz I came with a stomach bug.

Here is a multi platform link to the album if you’re interested in hearing the rest of the project! album.link/us/i/1538676708

Get “Son”on Apple Music//Deezer

Get the full project  For…Anyone on all DSPs here.

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