Brooklyn, NY based 4 member band who go by the moniker 32moons share their new full-length project titled love on the rise. The project is a mixed bag of styles/genres and sounds that showcases the band’s knack for creating off the cuff records that they say serves as their personal expression of hope and optimism to close out 2020 and start a new chapter.

The project opens up with the wobbly synth-driven “Doors Up” which ends somewhat abruptly. Tracks like “OTR” and “VocalPads” go beyond the expected and bring a refreshing take on what we would term as dark lo-fi. Some tracks do offer more boomy sounds laced with excellent live instrumentation and multi-layered runs like “SMile” and “busybody.”

The body of work sure lives up to it’s intent and gives the listener quite a lot to unwrap as they draw the ears with their unorthodox style of production.

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