It’s only right that here at the Word Is Bond we aim to keep it fresh with the newest upcoming talent from across the globe. So with that being said, here’s the latest installment of the Condensed Milk series. This compilation is filled with twenty-eight tracks, featuring artists from Melbourne to Pari.. Feel free to continue to read on for the listing of features on Dusty Milk Crates Vol. 3. Ghea slap easy!

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Ladies & gentlemen we present to you ‘Dusty Milk Crates Vol.3’. Compiled & curated by Amin PaYnE & Jackson Miles ( Ty Tai). Artwork by Mathias Tordjman. Mastered by yours truly.Featuring our idols AFTA-1 & Suff Daddy..Also talented brothers Mathieu Monk, S I L E N T J A Y, M-PHAZES, Dominic Wagner, MOODS, Vanilla, IAMNOBODI, MFP, WINTERS, SEAN DEANS, ROUHSOUL, CHIEF, MAGGZ, LEWIS MCCALLUM, BENBADABOOM, S.F.T., K*saba, J SMITH & DUTCH, BILLY HOYLE, KIRKIS, OISIMA + more ( 28 tracks) Thanks to everyone involved with this project, We are very proud as this is our best work yet. Thanks to fam and homies for the support…Enjoy ::Condensed Milk::-VIA Facebook

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