Blk Sheep Chronicles is a 7 track project from rising rapper Class_Sick who takes on the delicate topic of mental health, self-discovery, and fighting one’s inner demons to a standstill. Throughout 7 tracks, the rapper goes through several transformations as he slowly breaks free of the main obstacle that was holding him back. 


Came back from the pits of hell, this energy shifts and swell/Stared in the face of death but I never kiss and tell/Had to rebuild myself” are the first set of lines emanating from the cryptic opening track “KillUrOutro”. The haunting soundscape serves as the perfect backdrop for Class_Sick’s paced flow and engaging imagery that gives audiences an entrance into the mind of an individual grasping for hope. He casually talks about the voices in his head egging him on and the monsters poking him in the mind. This leads into “LastSupper”, a melancholic piano-laden track with off-beat drum grooves underpinned by the rapper’s packed lyricism made up of couplets, inner rhyme schemes and an overarching theme that breaks down man-made social structures and its effect on the human mind. “BridleSoulZ” is a conceptual track that sees Class_Sick confronting his inner self and questioning its motives.

You the evil, you the reason that brought out the sin in me

Your other friends will steal from you/I was there to build for you

I lift you up, I built you up, and I’m the one who healed you too

You playing the victim/ and you made me see prison

No I didn’t, you was tripping, never wanna listen

The duo go back and forth throwing blame and pointing fingers until a third party comes in as a mediator and things get interesting. The production here is cinematic and dark and Class_Sick’s use of voice inflections to depict 3 different characters is brilliant and helps colour the story. The end part is the kicker and has some hilarious elements to it. The next track “ExaltedWithin” has an anthemic feel and starts with a quote from Maya Angelou that sets the tone. Class_Sick digs deep into his heart and exorcises the dark negative energy as he journeys through the darkness all by himself. He braces himself for whatever life offers him and takes his steps, leaps and bounds with much enthusiasm and closes it out with insightful quotes that centre on finding strength within to overcome adversity. The story continues with the melancholic and atmospheric vibe of “StubbornPride” which talks about self-reliance and lack of trust for friends and family due to years of trauma. The rapper questions this mentality and while it can make one’s will sturdy, it can also be detrimental if one cannot adjust to the changing tide. Lines like “Trying to talk to God, no reception on my cell(Hello)/Always taking shots recollection of my shells/I was really in the field, thinking pain equals love” hark back to his former self but he proceeds to shed the thoughts and put away his pride to grow into a better person.


The project closes out with “PrestigeHeadpiece” and “HealUrIntro”, 2 tracks that help bring the story to closure. The former has a dark sublime vibe and anchors on finding one’s true strength after loss while the latter is a collection of thoughts that divulge the past experiences and how time can be a process of healing. Both tracks showcase the rapper’s heartfelt and vulnerability as he doesn’t shy from showing audiences his true intent to be better and taking accountability for his past transgressions.


Overall, Blk Sheep Chronicles is a masterclass in storytelling that slowly builds up tension before resolving itself at the very end. Class_Sick’s use of dark and moody soundscapes helps bring his profound lyrics to the forefront and the conceptual linear approach is an added touch.

Stream Blk Sheep Chronicles on all DSPs here.

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