Bay Area-based singer/songwriter Cindy Zhang delivers her debut album Voice Memos as promised. The album comes after 2 singles “Finish Line” and “Off My feet” that showcased her unique vocal style and penchant for penning soul-stirring songs.


The project starts with a “Broken Mirrors,”  a spoken word introduction that sets the tone for the album with its soulful textures and soft grooves. This is followed by “Run Away,” a track that is peppered with sparkling keys and Zhang’s honeyed vocals that dive into love and escapism. “San Francisco” sees her working with UK producer/singer Natty Reeves and the result is a nostalgia-inducing piece that pays homage to Zhang’s stomping grounds. It’s quite brief but definitely powerful. The solemn “Blue Light Screens” is a solid collaboration with composer Josh Jacobson whose bright keys, lush guitars bolster Zhang’s dreamy vocals. The final cut is “Coffee” which has a heartwarming piano-driven backdrop that slowly builds with delicate percussions and layered harmonies.

Voice Memos stays true to its strength of delivering powerful jazz/soul and moody backdrops as Zhang pours her emotions on wax in a truly honest fashion.

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