Chicago emcee Neak gifts us with a 13 track project titled Paura/Amore which is Italian for Fear/Love. Over crisp, polished backdrops Neak weaves well crafted lyrics using personal narratives to bring the message home. The project is overseen by veteran producer Rasheed Hadee (of Chapter 13 fame) so you already know it’s nothing but that dope produce from start to finish.

Get with the program.
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Paura/Amore (Italian to English translation: Fear/Love) captures the complete and unadulterated emotions of Neak as a recording artist. Believing that every feelings stems out of fear or love, he uses those sentiments as focal points on a wide spectrum of emotions to discuss the past, present, and future worldly/personal life events. Executive produced by well-renowned producer/artist Rashid Hadee, Neak TAKES his musical prowess to higher heights. Paura/Amore is designed to reveal the multitudes that Neak embodies–from human, emotional, and spiritual

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