Substantial‘s newest project “Substantial Sundays (VOL 1) ” is a 2 track instrumental project he made for his ongoing talk show of the same name. The show is hosted by Substantial himself and his longtime friend and music enthusiast, Sherm the Barber.

“Substantial Sundays (VOL 1) ” serves as the perfect soundscape to kick off the week with it’s nonconformist yet uber appealing style. The first track titled “Opening (0038)” has a rousing, vibrant bounce laced with a bossa-nova styled piano riff and a solid groove. The second track “Closer (0037)” has a more laid-back feel and also features Malcolm Jackson on Vibraphone.

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The show began two years ago during a campaign with Ford Motors. Substantial did a live Q&A with his fans on Facebook Live which was very successful. Since then, they have filmed over 50 live episodes, mostly in the DC Metropolitan area but also in Osaka, Japan and Rennes, France. Guests have included artist/Puma apparel and shoe designer Naturel, GRAMMY nominated artist, Kokayi, Anime & Video Game Composer Mason Liebermanand Indie Hip Hop vets Mega Ran, Tonedeff, Awon and The Others Guys.

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