Ghanaian-American rapper Chael Blinya caught our ears with his brand new 8 track project titled Hollow Entries (EP). The project sees the rising act dwell on self-identity and growth.

The EP opens up with the solemn, ethereal mood of “On Behalf of Thee Ethereal Mister Flowers” featuring vocalist Izado. Blinya showcases his pen game and takes us back to his days as a young one growing up in a Ghanaian household. He shares personal tales with relatives and his own mischief as a young black man trying to make his way in this world. The next track titled “PSA Traffic TPA ” features  Stetson Lucier and has a cinematic texture and crispy drums. Blinya tells a tale of vehicular adventures and his hatred of traffic. “Warlock of Smog” has a dark ominous synth and boom-bap type drums and showcases his weird off-the-cuff lyrics and a hilarious chorus. Joining him on the track is Kid Dre who comes through on the last verse with a vivid tale filled with antics. “Uncouth Chartreused” makes use of a classic vocal sample layered over a trap drum arrangement that fits Blinya’s silky flows and carefree style. “Lmao, Debacheury Entry” is an interlude where an unknown lady tells a wild story of parties, women, sex, and other crazy things. The final track “Hollow Exit” has a dreamy atmospheric vibe and sees Blinya doing a spoken word piece about resilience and search for knowledge for self-growth.

All in all, the project is interesting as it gives both lighthearted and insightful views of the rapper. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but at the same time, it gives enough lessons and stories for everyone to ponder on and for the most part relates to.


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