NYC-based emcee Cellus Hamilton pays homage to those who came before him and laid the foundation on his new track titled “Might As Well.” Backed by a mellow, reflective production he expresses his thoughts on selfless living according to Christ and the compounding effects. Along for the ride is fellow emcee Eshon Burgundy who comes through on the 3rd verse to add his 2 cents to the issue. “Might As Well” is the anthemic declaration that selfless living is costly…even to death. An ode to the martyrs that came before us. Salute to the fallen soldiers.

BIO: Cellus Hamilton is a HipHop artist based in NYC. Since the age of 8 years old, he has shifted the culture. Raised in Atlanta, the young artist was influenced by his mother, who was a buzzing HipHop artist in Chicago. Cellus eventually found his own way to the stage and began creating his own path.

In 2017, Cellus released his debut album, “We Are & We Shall”, which peaked at number 40 on the HipHop Charts. He has participated in several tours and has become one of the most dynamic voices in HipHop. His newest album “Washing Her Feet” is available everywhere.

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