One word: WOAH! This just hit me from the blindside, in a very good way if I may add. When I say Celestics, you would probably say “who, what?”, but let me break it down to ya; you know Kaytranada right? Sure you do. He just laced a joint for the legendary Mobb Deep and a summer banger for Gold Link. To cut the long story short, The Celestics is a duo comprised of Kaytra and his brother Louie P. Kaytra crafts the canvas while Louie P paints verbal pictures so you get the picture.  Supreme Laziness is their first full length project as a duo and its quite interesting to see what these two bring to the table. Musically, its Kaytra, what do you expect but dopeness but Louie P ain’t couch surfing here as he brings some left field type energy to complete the cypher.

I need not say more, just hit the play button and get down to it.

A short synopsis:

Armed with a microphone, and a bootleg copy of FL Studio, The Celestics have had a large reception and support of their first two singles, “Charles Barkley” & “Kill” which can be found collecting hundred’s of thousands of plays online. 

Now, after a year of Kaytranada touring and spreading his own fan base world-wide, he’s back in the studio with his brother Louie P and they’ve been recording their debut project “Supreme Laziness”. Inspired by their nocturnal stay at home lifestyle, the project is set to drop early this summer and put Montreal’s rising hip-hop duo on the map.

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