New Orleans spitter Calig Kontra (f/k/a Caligula) delivers a hard-hitting banger titled “Psy-Ops Cyclops”. The Vherbal produced track binds precisely with Calig’s vivid imagery as he paints the picture of a dystopian future that might not be as far as it seems: “Psychological war games unphased by psy-ops, take gaze at the cyclops and praise it as thy God.”. The track is as gritty as they come and stands true to what the subgenre offers when it comes to pushing the boundaries of lyrics and subject matter.

Psy-Ops Cyclops” is taken from his statement-making new album, Simian Automatic, that serves as his proper debut under his new moniker. The 16 track effort is a barrage of beats and bars, with a supporting cast the includes the likes of Pacewon, Shabaam Sahdeeq, C-Rayz Walz and more. The album’s overarching theme focuses on the current state of our human existence, and how we’ve become a byproduct of both the media and self-consumption Get it on all DSPs here.




01. Out of Body (prod. by Prospek)

02. Valkyrie (prod. by Prospek)

03. Duval (prod by Prospek)

04. Gator Rogowski (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq) [prod by Prospek]

05. Cloverfield (feat. Skratchmo) [prod. by Kid Infamous]

06. Goons Bible (prod. by Conflikt)

07. Psy-Ops Cyclops (prod. by Vherbal)

08. Crown (feat. Pacewon) [prod. by Black Panther]

09. What am I Doing Here? (feat. Skratchmo) [prod. by Vic Grimes]

10. Self Destruct Button (prod. by Conflikt)

11. Suicidal Monolith (prod. by Prospek)

12. Simian Conflikt 2015 (prod. by Conflikt)

13. Frank Vincent (feat I.N.F. & Tony Skratchere) [prod. by Prospek]

14. Cyberia (prod. by Conflikt)

15. Radiation (feat. C-Rayz Walz & Respect Tha God) [prod. by Vherbal]

16. Divide and Conquer (prod. by Prospek)


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