The BURNTmd (pun intended) is slowly burning his way to recognition with his upcoming LP while dropping hard hitting menacing joints as witnessed HERE. The latest banger ‘Auschwitz ‘ affords BURNTmd to fully display his vitriolic stance against the powers that be in the music industry. He is clearly taking the path less traveled and trust when I say he has moor ethan a couple of followers behind him.

BURNTmd’s ‘Auschwitz’ is produced by Reef. Watch out for his full length coming soon.

From the radio to the product placement within your local record store, we’re told what to like and what’s hot. Living in a cookie cutter society, where originality and talent were once rewarded, generalizations, stereotypes and a dismal sense of morality tend to be in the lead. Well, the good doctor, is here to prescribe two lethal injections of his lyrical panacea. Produced by Reef Ali, “Auschwitz” is a sign of reassurance that there are people like BURNTmd who will lead their own crusade against the immoral powers that be in the music industry. GTD Entertainment is the company. Growth Till Death is the movement.

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