Emerging R&B/Pop artist Bree New Moon taps into nostalgia on her new single “Young & Reckless” alongside it’s POV video that captures her freespirit. The track has an atmospheric and airy feel and it’s peppered by her sublime soft vocals that flow like honey over the soundscape.

The concept of the video taps into a young and free theme and it’s shot to mimic a human eye view. It follows Bree as she roams freely across different spots from rooftops, swinging on playgrounds and running up the bleachers. The whole concept is just to capture her in her element without restraints.


Bree New Moon’s ability to create everything ‘in house’ has been coined by NFL hall of Famer Willie McGinest as her being a “100 percenter” meaning she writes, produces, and performs all of her own work.A true force to be reckoned with, Bree New Moon’s interests span beyond her musical talents. Invested in environmental causes, the accessibility to better education, as well as social and economic equality, Bree also plans to use her voice and her platform to continue to raise awareness to the issues she holds close to her heart. “Young & Reckless” is one of many dynamic tracks to come as Bree New Moon firmly cements her status as an artist to watch.

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