MC “Substantial” and producer “Marcus D” are “Bop Alloy”. This Kickstarter campaign for “Bop Alloy” 2nd full length album “Another Day In The Life Of”, featuring with Carolyn Malachi ,Cise Starr of CYNE ,DJ Jav ,Justis ,Ongisa of Conjure Woman ,Pismo and Steph The Sapphic Songstress.

We’ve decided to do this without a record label and/or publicist, which gives us free reign to make the kind of music we want for the people that love it. It also gives us the opportunity to have the project promoted by people whose only agenda is to support good music.

Freedom is something we cherish, but it comes with it’s challenges; like proper funding to produce, manufacture, and distribute the finish project. So once again, we ask the most awesome fans, supporters, friends & family for your support to make our latest effort a reality. We’ve already financed certain aspects of the project such as collaborations, mixing and the artwork (which will be an original linocut print made by Substantial.)

Check out Kickstarter link for more detail! Thanks for your support!

Kickstarter campaign

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