Bobo Dos Blotos is an eclectic producer who caught our ears with his sparse and offbeat style of production. Today he has three cuts from his stash that he shares with us.


“Peach Bottle” is the first cut and it has a funky rhythm with punchy drums and xylophone type synths. The shrilling bass synths also peppers the track and exudes a similar melody to Q-Tip‘s “Vivrant Thing” albeit in a slightly different way.

“Let Me Watch” has a soft tone and relaxing sultry feel with its synths and lush textures. The production is not overcrowded and each instrument sure breathes without clashing.

“Great Day” is the final cut here and it is bolstered by a warm and progressive bass synth and steady driving energy. The drums don’t change much but the weird ominous synths sure add to the overall feel.

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