Boston, Massachusetts based producer Bobby Sacramone shares his newest work titled “Speechless” which features rapper  Schama Noel and vocalist Ashley Royer. Over a dark, cinematic backdrop Noel proceeds to tell a heartfelt story of life while Royer accentuates the emotional energy with an ethereal vocal performance. “Speechless” is the introductory track from Sacramone’s latest project, Sidetracked Vol. 2.

Bobby Sacramone has been making beats since middle school and is pursuing this dream in college. He attends Salem State University with a major in business and a minor in music technology. He has worked with underground artists such as Spazzy D, Schama Noel, Dan Gray, Dakota Jack, and more. He has four projects on all streaming platforms that he has produced.

Schama Noel is making a name for himself with getting on a bunch of different Spotify playlists and controls the well-known twitter account, RapLike, where he writes raps as your favorite rapper would. 

Get it on Apple Music and Deezer.


Keep up with Bobby Sacramone  | Soundcloud: Twitter

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