The Black Opera always packs the theme of revolution in their hip hop, Sacred Cow is a raw new wrinkle in that template.

The Black Opera is continuing to stay busy with solo releases and as a collective. On the heels of Magestik Legend’s new full length, and a new single from Jamall Bufford, The Black Opera joins forces once over production composed in-house by the collective on “Sacred Cow“.

In an era where the idea of justice remains in question, these questions linger as well: Who can you trust? Who can you believe in? Those questions apply to “the system” and to rap music in 2015. “Sacred Cow” is The Black Opera’s way of answering those questions. This heater features verses from TBO members Jamall Bufford, Magestik Legend, Obie Iyoha, and introduces TBO’s newest voice: Johnny Void.

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