Black King is here with a song that has him speaking from the heart. Fearless is a track that puts the Black Man in the front and centre and basically captures the world from that lens. Real name Mark Bullock, Black King goes on to explain to us the motivations for the song;

“This song is talking about personal issues and the world we live in. The things a black person encounters and have to go through. Trying to stay sane in a world that is evil and wicked. It took me quite awhile to make this song and the type of feedback I would get for using verses from the Bible. This is my first official single of 2020 that I take great pride in.”

This song will definitely resonate with a lot of Black people especially at the end of this year 2020 when they begin to take stock and reflect. It has ben quite the year, from wanting Black lives to matter to the Covid-19 virus that imprisoned the whole world, it has been quite a task and big grace surviving the year.

Black King has put the song up in Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music so feel free to stream on your preferred platform. Black King is active on his socials on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so go connect with him.

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