Seattle native Romaro Franceswa delivers the noir,entertaining visuals for his song The Big Payback. The song itself samples the classic James Brown banger-which has been reused numerous times so props to BeanOne for flipping this into something fresh. The star of the show is intact Romaro who spits multi syllable rhymes in a machine gun type fashion,decimating his opponents with nouns and verbs. This is the first time I’m hearing this dude and he sure holds it down without an atom of a doubt. Visually,the director goes for eye catching shots,thought provoking scenes(those nuns though, running things) strung by a smooth narrative.

After this I definitely need to go get his LP Black King and so do you.

Romaro Franceswa – Black King

With over 70 studio albums to his name, James Brown truly earned his moniker as “The Hardest Working Man In Show Business.” Truth be told, we all owe something to the man who provided a wealth of samples for future DJ’s and producers to jump on and ultimately helped birth a genre. It’s been 41 years since he dropped the now classic funk joint, “The Payback” and we’re still getting down with his work, this time through the sounds of Seattle native Romaro Franceswa. As a member of The Emerald City’s Yuk The World crew, he’s been able to hone his craft of the independent circuit, but now he’s poised to make big moves with his take on the classic. Entitled “The Big Payback,” the video plays out like an overblown rap battle with Romaro taking shots at all of his competitors, both small time rookies and household names alike. Full of shots depicting nuns getting busy and Romaro lyrically assaulting his foes, it’s an insight of the emcee’s ability to make jokes and spit them just as quick. “The Big Payback” is featured on Romaro’s recently released Black King LP. Keep an eye out for Romaro as the Federal Way native makes his way into the limelight.

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