UK emcee Griz-O is prepping for the release of his debut “The Dojo” EP. He previously dropped a single “Crazy” a while back to showcase his unique brand of lo-fi, off the cuff hip-hop but now he is back with another gem. The new single in question is titled “Frankenstein” which is a laid back, sombre cut that displays Griz-O’s vivid lyricism and unique delivery style. A no holds barred type of song that strays away from gimmicky choruses or hooks.

The visuals for the song are particularly engaging. The shots may look simple but the after FXs brings a whole new life to the entire vibe of the song.

‘The Dojo’ EP will be released on 08/12/17 .


Griz-O’s music is a shimmering blend of hip hop and other musical elements, all wrapped in a futuristic, modern twist. Griz’s versatility allows him to not only invoke the spirit of classic, old skool hip hop, but also appeal to the new skool, who are more interested in the future of the funk. He was born and raised in Gloucester, where his father’s musical choices of Tupac and Biggie Smalls infused a passion for hip-hop. With artists like Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, DMX and Ludacris, as well as grime artists like Roll Deep, Nasty Crew and Skepta having an impact, Griz-O’s eclectic mix of influences sets the pace for his peers.

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