Nigerian emcee MCskill ThaPreacha returns with the second instalment of the NUCLEUS series. This time he joins forces with another veteran hip hop producer and blood brother, Stormatique, to bring the 4-track EP to life. The project begins with the track “Awakening”; a three minute long cypher that has MCskill dropping lots of quotable bars over a soulful boombap beat. On the second track titled “Without Aid”, we get to hear ThaPreacha go into his natural cum comfort zone which is usually conscious mode and this time talk about drugs and liquor abuse especially amongst young and prospective artistes. I can’t help but think he might ruffle some feathers as he might be taken out of context. The third song is “New Beginnings” and the track has quite a happy feel to it especially as MCskill talks about his friend zone experience whilst also celebrating his freedom from it. I am not used to hearing conversations around relationships or love from this guy so this is somewhat new for me. Continuing on his conscious route on the final song, “Criminals” MCSkill ThaPreacha talks about the very rampant Internet fraud, a menace which has rocked his home country Nigeria for a long time now. He also calls out corrupt government officials who are no different from internet fraudsters. Check out the project and Feel ThaPreacha’s perspectives.

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