I haven’t heard anything from Bigg Taj in a minute, not since his self-produced EP from about a year ago in fact, but here’s a fresh new video from the Scottish MC/beatboxer/beatmaker. Despite not much released material he’s real well respected, and if you’re seeing Immortal Technique or Guilty Simpson in Glasgow any time soon, you’ll be seeing Bigg Taj on stage too.

I wonder how long I can keep using the UK tag for Bigg Taj’s music…

Everyday grains of sand leave the hour glass , remembered as? 
Leave a legacy so legendary, breath taking imagery in hopes that you remember me,
My energy goes back to where its meant to be
I guess ill see you later as i meet my maker, 
I promise this i wont leave anonymous, heart and soul is what i write with in this scroll, through the years see me evolve if i dont then see me fall,
See the world through sober eyes open wide and realize,
Youth work is useless if you cant put the youth first, 
Theyre anticipating a hero for inspiration one that can take them
and show success is certain, 
no need to sell narcotics its hard to knock it, 
All they need is a star in the hood and that could be the start of something good, 
spark the minds of the youth,
so talented we show them how to channel it and show the non believers that youre a born leader, 
capture the minds of the young, pen and a pad and a mic in the hand, 
in hopes that someones listening to the rhymes that they be scribbling the future is the children, instead of putting money to wars, 
they should put it towards a greater cause,
i cypher with the young team, 
and hear their hopes and dreams 
and how theyre keen to be superstars 
and push it far in this music scene, 
hussle never pause as the world applaud and watch in awe…


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