Real heads know the QB, LA connection runs deeper than a gang of earthworms. The early 00s afforded us the impeccable collaborations between LA producers Dj Muggs, Alchemist etc and Queensbridge legends Mobb Deep and their affiliates. Following tradition, we got Infamous Mobb member Big Twins and producer Twiz The Beat Pro cooking up some delicious head banging cuts for their full length project entitled TNT. Their lead single is the hard hitting, piano driven jam titled Straight Face which features Killer Ben (Of Durag Dynasty fame).

Hit the play button real quick and get familiar with the duo. Get the  iTunes Pre-Order: HERE and check out more info about the project below.


The Queensbridge-to-Los Angeles connection of TNT (rapper Big Twins and producer Twiz The Beat Pro) go straight for the throat with “Straight Face,” the raw lead single off their upcoming collaborative album, TNT.

Twiz sets the tone with exactly the type of instrumental that Twins’ voice deserves: a grimy and unhinged backdrop built on heavy drums and a looping sample. It’s perfect for the Infamous Mobb member, who takes Internet rappers to task for their hollow rhymes while recognizing his own efforts (“I love a happy ending I can see it now/ Record sold out, I control the crowd”).

He then passes the mic to his guest, Killer Ben of Durag Dynasty, whose verse is as snarling as his host’s. Ben blends ridiculous wordplay with a hilarious explanation of how his lyrics remain so on point (f*ck a life coach, right?) before the quick-hitting track fades out—and you’re left hitting the replay button.

“Straight Face” is now available for download off the iTunes’ pre-order for TNT, which is due out April 1st via Sound Unity Entertainment, an independent label based in L.A. and headed by DJ B.Original…keep your eyes and ears open.



01. The Beginning (Intro)
02. Bobby Flay (feat. Ras Kass)
03. Rap Star
04. Cola Cash Stank (feat. Gibby)
05. The Rotten Apple (feat. Prodigy)
06. Twin City (feat. Tri-State)
07. Straight Face (feat. Killer Ben)
08. Live to Die
09. Paranoid (feat. Godfather Pt. III)
10. Take Away the Lies (feat. The Alchemist & Evidence)
11. Biblical (feat. Co$$)
12. Feelings (feat. LMNO)

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