It’s one thing to have your name be among the elite in the LA nightlife circuit, and there’s another where you have major outlets like the Huffington Post take notice of your events. In this case, that’s what Ouija Entertainment along with L’Affaire Musicale have managed to do over the course of just a year. This isn’t just something that comes natural to these guys; this is due diligence to hard work. In this case for this Friday, they’ve managed to line up some major game players all under one roof – at The Belasco, with the legend DJ Premier being the headliner.

With that being said, I asked Matt Orlove (Ouija Entertainment) a few questions in regards to how Panic In LA came about and more. Mind you, this event will be off the chain this friday, so you better hurry up and grab your tickets!

1. How did you and Tom Astley (L’Affaire Musicale) link up to come up with the idea for Panic In LA? Who came up with the name and what was the idea behind the name itself?

Tom and I have been working on brand naming for well over a year, but nothing stuck. When we came up with the concept and lineup, we decided to sit down one day and hammer it out so that we could roll it out for this show. We each had 150+ names, and through a process of elimination, came up with Panic in L.A.. It’s derives from a David Bowie song, “Panic in Detroit”, from his classic album Aladdin Sane. Bowie pushed the boundaries so much musically, always reinventing his sound, and inspiring both artists and fans alike. The name is a tribute to him.

2. What was the inspirations behind bringing DJ Premier and Craze together for this particular event? (side note: to be honest, I’m not familiar with the other guests; im currently watching them on youtube as we speak)

To really grasp the concept, you have to look at the entire scope of the lineup, which we methodically curated. Panic in L.A. will bring together a blend of musical styles from across the ages. Our mission it to bridge the gap between genres, fans, and artists. There is going to be a younger demographic coming to the show to see Giraffage, for example, that will never have heard of Preemo, who as you know, stands as one of the most legendary and important figures in hip hop history. Our goal is expose these guests, and vice versa. When it comes to turntablism, there is no one better in the world than Craze. Someone in the audience is going to be knocked over after seeing him for the first time.

3. Garnering press from major media outlets, most notably Huff Post, do you have any expectations for this event and what to bring, besides unifying various music scenes together?

My expectations for every show, whether in a 300 or 5000 capacity room, never changes. Our team places a premium on creating positive experiences for our guests. There would be nothing more gratifying for me than if, ten years from now, someone could still recall this show as being one of the best they had ever attended.

4. Will there be another Panic in LA in the future?

No doubt. Stay tuned…


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