Band of Pockets is a duo made up of Swedish composer/guitarist J.O. Nilsson and Washington DC, USA-raised singer/songwriter Yona Marie. The group was formed during the pandemic and being holed up gave them leverage to develop their unique sound. This sound weaves a tapestry of elements ranging from  soul, R&B, Neo-soul and funk, with a slightly retro feel.

Their latest effort Moving On Again is an 8-track body of work that showcases the band’s range and distinct styles that bridges the old and the new in an electrifying way.


“Moving On Again” is the title track and is made up of lush piano keys with soothing enthralling progressions. The production sure rises with a punchy drum groove and warm basslines and keys reminiscent of 90s r&b/hiphop fusions. Yona is in her element as well and delivers a blend of soothing melodic runs with excellent love-laden raps. The verses are brilliant and candid as she pours her heart with much gusto on wax while she raises the ante with a sultry hook to complete the job.

“Take It Easy Now” is a chilled and uplifting tune comprised of a rousing bassline, and sparsely arranged but punchy drums that allows Yona to really shine with her commanding vocals. The melodies have a bright and earworm effect but more importantly, the motivation lyrics aim to give us the much-needed boost to kick-start our day.

Listen to the album below



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