The good people over at present this great mix from DJ Rahdu. Focusing on Phonte’s cameo appearences, it just demonstrates the amount of great music he has put out ever since we first heard him through our speakers. From 9th Wonder to Lil B, from Hip-Hip to soul, this mix will take you across an array of genres and styles, but each one as dope as the last. It’s a great testament to Phonte’s ability as a musician.

Phonte is one of the first highly opinionated emcees to definitively capture the ear of the Hip Hop community and beyond since the days of KRS-One and Chuck D. We fell in love with his humor and wittiness on The Listening, anticipated his colorful social commentary on Gordon Gartrell Radio w/DJ Brainchild and even checked for his critique of the latest films with Movies in a Minute. Yet, the North Carolinian never ceased to deliver punchlines and knockout verses with numerous collaborators over the years while simultaneously establishing himself as a singer as The Foreign Exchange reinvented their sound. Although more entertainment than edutainment, the loquacious emcee has our ears successfully on lock and we hope he’s never at a loss for words.

Disclaimer:This is not a “Phonte’s most fire guest verses mix”, but a mix of DJ Rahdu’s favorite Phonte collaborations. Enjoy!

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